Boost provides free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries.

Experience C++ libraries created by experts to be reliable, skillfully designed, and well-tested.

Boost Mission
  • development of high quality, expert reviewed, legally unencumbered, open-source libraries,
  • inspiring standard enhancements, and
  • advancing and disseminating software development best practices.

It does this by fostering community engagement, nurturing leaders, providing necessary financial/legal support, and making directional decisions in the event of Boost community deadlock.

Equally important to our mission is the guidance provided by our shared values. These are transparency, inclusivity, consensus-building, federated authorship, and community-driven leadership.



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Why Use Boost?   In a word, Productivity. Use of high-quality libraries like Boost speeds initial development, results in fewer bugs, reduces reinvention-of-the-wheel, and cuts long-term maintenance costs. And since Boost libraries tend to become de facto or de jure standards, many programmers are already familiar with them.

schedule of events

September 2023

29th: SAM review

October 2023

29th: SAM review

November 2023

29th: SAM review
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Call Traits

Defines types for passing parameters.

Added in 1.29.0

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